Bed Alarms Not Effective in Preventing Falls in Michigan Hospitals

Our Michigan hospital injury lawyers often see medical injury cases arising from a patient falling in a hospital.  Many elderly are at risk for a fall from a bed due to undergoing medical treatment. Falls are the leading cause of injury or death for adults older than 65 years. Throughout the U.S., emergency departments treat more than 2 million injuries per year caused by falls.

Bed Alarms Don’t Equal Fewer Falls

Many Michigan hospitals equipped their beds with alarms; this however, does not decrease patient falls and related injuries. According to the most recent studies, falls are most likely to happen between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. and are commonly the result of patients getting up to use the bathroom. Certain medical devices and equipment are necessary to keep patients safe while they are undergoing care at a medical facility. Now, many Michigan hospitals are turning to technology to replace staff and close patient monitoring to prevent falls. However, close patient monitoring cannot be replaced by bed alarms. A recent study found that the use of alarms did not translate into fewer falls, even though staff had proper training and hospitals promoted the use of the alarms. Research found that the alarms would sound off improperly, and staff had trouble disguising the real alarms from those accidentally set off.

Closer Patient Monitoring will Result in Fewer Falls

Alarms do little by themselves, they can be ignored. A better approach is to train staff to closely monitor at-risk patients and remind patients and their families about the risks.  10% of fatal falls for the elderly occur in hospital.  Once a fall occurs, that patient is more likely to continue on a downward spiral. This may impact physical and emotional health, long term function and quality of life. Medical staff should not rely on bed alarms, but also closely monitor their at risk patients.

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