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A former worker at a Waconia nursing home located in St. Paul, MN is accused of neglect after a patient with known breathing problems died in a bathroom.  This patient was denied CPR and 911 was not called, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

A patient had been admitted to the facility after a five-day hospital visit related to the patient’s breathing problems associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The patient’s medical history shows a “Do Resuscitate” order and a “Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment” order, which shows CPR should be performed or 911 should be called if the patient does not have a pulse or is not breathing.

Shortly after the resident was admitted, the resident became unresponsive using the restroom. A facility worker was called to the room, but that worker did not initiate CPR or call 911. Despite the orders in writing, the worker did not perform them because the worker “was tired and not thinking clearly” during a night shift.  That worker has since resigned from the facility.

There are four general classifications of elder neglect in nursing home. Below they are listed in detail.

  • Harmful Neglect: If a resident in a health care facility experiences bed sores, suspicious or questionable injuries or death, unexplained substantial weight loss or severe dehydration they may be a victim of harmful neglect.
  • Assault and Battery: If an employee of a nursing home or residential health care facility threatens or strikes a resident or uses unauthorized physical or chemical restraints assault and battery has been committed.
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct:  If an employee of a nursing home or residential care facility engages in unlawful sexual contact with a patient criminal sexual conduct has occurred.
  • Embezzlement and Theft: If an employee of a nursing home or residential care facility wrongfully removes funds from a resident’s account, improperly obtains a financial “loan” or “gift” from a resident, or an employee uses privileged/personal information illegally to obtain credit cards, etc., resulting in identity theft embezzlement has occurred.

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