Wrong Medication Administered To Patient In Michigan Nursing Home

Our Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. nursing home neglect lawyers  have significant experience filing lawsuits against Michigan nursing home for the administering wrong medication to patients or medication errors.  It is most common for the elderly to be prescribed drugs and for their prescription and dosage to change frequently.  Elderly patients often suffer from cancer, heart disease and stroke, which require numerous medications, along with many other medical conditions that Michigan nursing home patients may suffer from.  In fact, a recent study states that people 75 years and older take on average more than 11 different drugs over the course of a year.  In addition, Medicare states that 90% of their beneficiaries use prescription drugs.

Given these facts, properly managing patient medication should be a high priority in Michigan nursing homes.  Nursing homes should contain proper staffing and procedures to endure nurses have the time to verify each patient is receiving all the proper dosages and medication prescribed to them. Unfortunately, giving patients the wrong medication and overmedicating patients happens all too frequent in nursing homes.  If a nursing home is poorly managed and committing these acts, it is negligent and it may give rise to a Michigan nursing home neglect lawsuit.

Wrong Medication Given to Michigan Nursing Home Patients 

Often times, in a Michigan nursing home, wrong medication is distributed by mistake to a patient.  These mistakes may happen because the nursing home is understaffed, and overworked.  The consequences of the wrong medication can be very serious, causing severe injury, or even death. If one patient receives someone else’s high-blood-pressure medication, for example, instead of his or her owns diabetes medication, not only are both patients failing to be treated for conditions they do have, but they also run the risk of dangerous interactions and side effects from the drug they are not supposed to be taking. Also, some drugs require steady, consistent use in order to be effective and safe; on-again, off-again use may also cause significant harm to a Michigan nursing home patient. (more…)

Medication Errors in Michigan Nursing Homes & Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuits

The Buckfire & Buckfire P.C. Michigan nursing home neglect attorneys specialize in medication errors and filing lawsuits against Michigan nursing homes  on behalf of patients. Medication errors can cause serious injury to a Michigan nursing home patient, even death. Unfortunately, medication errors are all too common within the nursing home industry.  One of the main reasons this may happen is because nursing homes that are not properly staffed may have nurses administering medication with carelessness. This is not only dangerous, it can be deadly.  If you suspect your loved one is not being properly taken care of by the nursing home they reside in, and the nursing home staff has made a medication error, a Michigan nursing home neglect lawsuit may be sought.

Most Common Medication Errors in Michigan Nursing Homes 

In the nursing home setting, some of the more common medication errors include:

  • Failure to Consider Adverse Side Effects of Drugs
  • Administering The Incorrect Prescription
  • Incorrect Medication Dosage
  • Adverse Drug Interactions:
    • There are three main types of drug interactions:
    • Liability for Medication Errors
    • Overmedicating
  • Drugs with food and beverages
  • Drugs with dietary supplements
  • Drugs with other drugs (more…)

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights Nursing Home Lawyers

Our Sterling Heights nursing home lawyers represent nursing home residents and their families in lawsuits involving resident abuse and neglect in Sterling Heights nursing homes. The injuries suffered due to neglect are often very serious and many times tragically result to the death of a resident. In cases involving the death of resident, we file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the surviving family members.

Nursing home abuse and neglect occurs in a number of types of situations. These include:

  • Failure to turn or move immobile patients
  • Failure to bathe patients
  • Failure to supervise patients in baths and showers
  • Failure to monitor nutrition and hydration/dehydration
  • Verbal abuse of residents
  • Failure to supervise patients
  • Reduced staff-patient ratios

Some results of the above scenarios include:

  • Pressure Sores, Bed Sores, Decubitus Ulcers
  • Infections & Sepsis
  • Fall injuries resulting in broken bones & fractured hips
  • Medication errors & mistakes
  • Choking & asphyxiation
  • Residents wandering away & eloping from the nursing facility
  • Wrongful death (more…)
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