How To Report Michigan Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Our Michigan based nursing home resident abuse attorneys investigate cases on behalf of the families of nursing home residents who suspect that their loved one is suffering from abuse and neglect.  Nursing homes are responsible to provide the best possible care for your loved one, when they fail to do that, your loved one may suffer from nursing home abuse and neglect.

Signs That Your Loved One May Be Experiencing Abuse & Neglect

In many cases, an abused elder is totally dependent on the abuser and is afraid to complain for fear of reprisal. There are a number of signs, however, that indicate abuse or neglect may be occurring at the nursing home your family member resides in.

Physical Abuse:

  • Frequent injuries such as bruises, cuts, black eyes or bums are signs of abuse, especially when the caretaker cannot adequately explain how they happened
  • Frequent complaints of pain without obvious injury
  • Bums or bruises in an unusual pattern that may indicate the use of instruments, cigarettes, or similar items
  • Passive, withdrawn, and emotionless behavior
  • Lack of reaction to pain
  • Reports of physical abuse

Sexual Abuse:

  • Physical signs of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Evidence of injury to the genital area
  • Difficulty in sitting or walking
  • Fear of being alone with caretakers
  • Reports of sexual assault


  • Obvious malnutrition
  • Lack of personal cleanliness
  • Habitually dressed in tom or dirty clothes
  • Obvious fatigue and listlessness
  • Begs for food
  • In need of medical or dental care
  • Left unattended for long periods of time
  • Reports of neglect

If you believe that your loved one is experiencing one or more of these signs of abuse and neglect, it is imperative that you report it immediately! (more…)

Nursing Home Cited For At Risk Patient Fall | Michigan Nursing Home Attorneys

The Golden LivingCenter Lynnhurst nursing home in St. Paul, MN is being investigated by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). A complaint was filed with the MDH alleging that a resident fell from his bed resulting in a facture to his nose.

The MDH investigated the matter and found that staff failed to ensure he had a floor mat in place in accordance with his nursing assistant worksheet and plan of care.  The resident was at risk of falls due to his medical diagnoses, history of falls, poor judgment, and attempts to unsafely self-transfer. His nursing assistant worksheet and care plan identified numerous on-going interventions in place to reduce his risk of falls.  His on-going interventions included: a high and low bed, sensor alarms, contour mattress, room close to the nursing station, and a floor mat while in bed.

The day the accident occurred, staff heard a loud noise in the resident’s room.  The nursing home staff found him on the floor with an abrasion to the bridge of his nose. The resident was diagnosed with a nasal fracture. At the time of the fall, the facility did not have the required protective floor mat in place. The MDH determined that Golden LivingCenter Lynnhurst nursing home was responsible for neglect of the resident. [Case no. H5394047] (more…)

Best Michigan Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers |Nursing Home Charged For Patient Death

A former worker at a Waconia nursing home located in St. Paul, MN is accused of neglect after a patient with known breathing problems died in a bathroom.  This patient was denied CPR and 911 was not called, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

A patient had been admitted to the facility after a five-day hospital visit related to the patient’s breathing problems associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The patient’s medical history shows a “Do Resuscitate” order and a “Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment” order, which shows CPR should be performed or 911 should be called if the patient does not have a pulse or is not breathing.

Shortly after the resident was admitted, the resident became unresponsive using the restroom. A facility worker was called to the room, but that worker did not initiate CPR or call 911. Despite the orders in writing, the worker did not perform them because the worker “was tired and not thinking clearly” during a night shift.  That worker has since resigned from the facility. (more…)

Elderly Patient Sexually Assaulted in Nursing Home | Assisted Living Facility

ABC news recently reported on a resident sexual assault in an Illinois nursing home.  According to the report, authorities are investigating the assault of an 86-year old nursing home resident with Alzheimer’s. The crime was allegedly perpetrated by a 65-year old man who was also a resident of the nursing care facility.

The man posed a risk that required at least some caution on the part of caregivers. The nursing home was aware that the alleged perpetrator was a registered sex offender under Megan’s Law which requires warning and public notification of living arrangements for those with a history of sexual crimes.

For residents who suffer from Alzheimer, abuse is quite common in a nursing home. In fact, recent studies have shown Alzheimer patients are more likely to suffer some sort of abuse than patients with other diseases. With aging it is expected that memory loss will occur, however, Alzheimer is beyond what a normal person should suffer while getting older. Many of times a patient who suffers from Alzheimer and is abused, will not remember or cannot recall the incident.

Buckfire & Buckfire P.C nursing home abuse attorneys can assist in your legal needs if your loved one suffers from Alzheimer and is being abused. It is unacceptable that your loved one suffers from physical, emotional, or any form of sexual abuse under the care of a Michigan nursing home. The nursing home is liable for both the mental and physical injuries suffered due to the disrespect from staff members or other residents, and if abuse occurs, it may give rise to a Michigan nursing home neglect lawsuit. (more…)

Nursing Home Fined For Neglect | Patient Abuse

A nursing home in Greensboro, North Carolina was recently fined $372,970 in penalties.  The region is home to 11 skilled-nursing facilities where government inspectors found “serious deficiencies” in patient care or accommodations, according to information compiled from Medicare files by the ProPublica nonprofit journalism group.

Unihealth’s fines ranked as North Carolina’s second highest in total dollar amount since 2009 and the 12th highest in the nation, according to ProPublica’s calculations.

There are many different causes of nursing home abuse and neglect. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Failure to turn or move immobile patients
  • Failure to bathe patients
  • Failure to monitor nutrition and hydration/malnutrition
  • Failure to use bed rails
  • Verbal abuse of residents
  • Failure to supervise patients
  • Patients wandering away from the facility
  • Reduced patient-staff ratios

Reporting an incident of abuse and neglect in a nursing home will not only protect you from further harm but also protect all the other residents and patients living in that nursing home as well from possible future abuse. If you believe you or a family member has been a victim of nursing home abuse, call us now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our experienced Michigan nursing home elder abuse and neglect lawyers about your case.

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