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ABC news recently reported on a resident sexual assault in an Illinois nursing home.  According to the report, authorities are investigating the assault of an 86-year old nursing home resident with Alzheimer’s. The crime was allegedly perpetrated by a 65-year old man who was also a resident of the nursing care facility.

The man posed a risk that required at least some caution on the part of caregivers. The nursing home was aware that the alleged perpetrator was a registered sex offender under Megan’s Law which requires warning and public notification of living arrangements for those with a history of sexual crimes.

For residents who suffer from Alzheimer, abuse is quite common in a nursing home. In fact, recent studies have shown Alzheimer patients are more likely to suffer some sort of abuse than patients with other diseases. With aging it is expected that memory loss will occur, however, Alzheimer is beyond what a normal person should suffer while getting older. Many of times a patient who suffers from Alzheimer and is abused, will not remember or cannot recall the incident.

Buckfire & Buckfire P.C nursing home abuse attorneys can assist in your legal needs if your loved one suffers from Alzheimer and is being abused. It is unacceptable that your loved one suffers from physical, emotional, or any form of sexual abuse under the care of a Michigan nursing home. The nursing home is liable for both the mental and physical injuries suffered due to the disrespect from staff members or other residents, and if abuse occurs, it may give rise to a Michigan nursing home neglect lawsuit. (more…)

Nursing Home Staff Fired From Reporting Sexual Abuse Of Resident

Nursing home employees are obligated to report any resident abuse they are aware of, even if the act of abuse is being committed by one of their co-workers.  Nursing home abuse is all too common, and the fear of consequences should never deter someone from reporting the abuse. A lawsuit was brought against one nursing home, because a former employee feels she was terminated from her employment because she made a report to the police department that a fellow male co-worker was sexually assaulting a 93 year old patient residing in that home.

The former employee is seeking $30,000 in compensation under the whistle blower protection law. After reporting the sexual abuse, the employee stated that she felt her boss’s demeanor towards her had changed.  The bosses were afraid that the attack could portray the nursing home in a negative light, giving them a poor reputation.

Sexual abuse of nursing home patient, or any form of nursing home neglect should always be reported, and employees should never hesitate because they feel their jobs may be put in jeopardy. It is the nursing home employee’s responsibility to protect their residents, even if it means reporting abuse or neglect of a patient by another member on staff.

Nursing home residents are extremely vulnerable due to their medical conditions, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.   This makes these residents vulnerable to sex abuse by staff members and other nursing home residents.  In addition, nursing home residents are often weak and unable to communicate to other the fact that they have been sexually victimized and therefore many of these incidents are unreported.  (more…)

Sexual Abuse of Dementia Residents in Michigan Nursing Home

Buckfire & Buckfire P.C has experience with filing lawsuits on behalf of families for sexual abuse of dementia patients at a Michigan nursing home.  In fact, unknown to many, sexual abuse is very common in our long-term care system. Many elderly, who have dementia, are exceptionally vulnerable to sexual predators.

Michigan nursing homes can easily claim that the complaints of sexual abuse are the manifestations of dementia or delusional thought processes. Even when sexual abuse is apparent, nursing homes rarely act to preserve important evidence and there are rarely credible eye witnesses that are willing to come forward and testify to physical or sexual abuse. If you suspect that your loved one who suffers from dementia is being sexually abuse, it is very important that you contact an experienced nursing home neglect attorney immediately to discuss your case.

Michigan Nursing Home Residents Sexually Abused By Other Residents

Resident to resident sexual abuse is more common than staff sexual assaults upon residents. Many nursing home residents with dementia may act out sexually and inappropriately, but this does not constitute the assault. Sexual abuse by a stranger or visitor can occur where the nursing home has not provided adequate security to protect its residents. While a nursing home should generally accommodate visitors request to see patients, even at odd hours, they have an obligation to make sure that the visitors are not dangerous or otherwise causing harm to the residents. Nursing homes generally track the individuals who visit the facility, but in busy nursing homes this may not be consistently done.

Prevent Sexual Abuse of Dementia Residents in Michigan Nursing Homes

Even though most nursing homes staff undertakes background checks, which should reveal the existence of any prior crimes, these background checks are usually limited in scope and may not pull up convictions in other states. Sexual abuse in the nursing home setting can be committed by staff members, other residents or on occasion by visitors. In cases where sexual abuse has been performed by a staff member, the facility may take the position that it should not be held liable for the criminal conduct of its employee, if such criminal conduct was never authorized by the nursing home.  This act of abuse is unacceptable and the nursing home is responsible for proper supervision of their residents and appropriate behavior from their staff. (more…)

Michigan Lawyers Discuss Signs of Sexual Abuse in Michigan Nursing Homes

Dementia related resident-to-resident sexual abuse is the most common type of sexual abuse there is in a nursing home. Our Michigan nursing home lawyers file lawsuits on behalf of residents who are sexually abused at a nursing home. Residents who are weak and unable to resist abuse or unable to communicate are an easy target for sexual abuse by another resident. When sexual abuse occurs from another resident, this also provides a basis for a nursing home lawsuit.

According to a 1996 Medicaid Fraud Report, 10 percent of all nursing home physical abuse cases are a result of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is defined as non-consensual sexual contact with a nursing home resident.

There are many common signs that sexual abuse is taking place in a nursing home. Some of the most common warning signs include:

• Bruising

• Irritation or Itching

• Bleeding

• Trouble Walking

• Sexually Transmitted Infection

Our nursing home sexual abuse attorneys in Michigan at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. realize how hard it can be to find the right nursing home for your loved one. When finding a nursing home for your loved one, safety is always a main concern. Research nursing homes before you make your final decision. It is important that you trust the staff and facility with your family member.

You should contact the Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.  Michigan nursing home lawyers immediately if you or a family member suffer from sexual abuse in a Michigan nursing home. When you contact our office to investigate a case involving sexual abuse at a Michigan nursing home, we thoroughly investigate the case and advise you of the best possible legal recourse to take on behalf of the resident. Call us now at (800) 606-1717 to discuss your case and for a free consultation.

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