Monroe County, MI Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed For Bowel Obstruction

Our expert Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit that involved the death of  78-year-old nursing home resident at a Monroe County facility. Bowel obstruction symptoms were demonstrated by the resident, however the nurse’s at the nursing home failed to report his symptoms to a physician.  As a result of this failure, the resident was transferred to the hospital and due to the delay for treatment he died from septic shock.

We filed a claim against both the Monroe facility and the nurses involved in our client’s care.  The lawsuit alleges that due to the failure of diagnosing the bowel obstruction, a delay in treatment took place and fecal matter became impacted, or backed up inside our client.  He then developed sepsis which is an infection in the blood.  The sepsis then caused the patient to go in to shock and died less than 24 hours after being taken to the hospital.

Compensation sought in the case include the pain and suffering of the resident and the loss of society and companionship his family suffered due to his death. A claim for funeral and burial expenses and other financial losses was also made.  No trial date has been set by the Court. (more…)

Wrongful Death Settlement Against Michigan Assisted Living Facility

At the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. our nursing home attorneys recently settled a wrongful death settlement against a Michigan assisted living facility. The lawsuit arose out a patient who died from a brain bleed as a result of injuries that took place while she was residing at the medical facility located in Kent County.  

The patient, who as an at-risk patient for elopement, walked out of her room and wandered outside the building facility doors. As she was walking outside she fell face first on the cement outside.  Due to the fall, she suffered serious and catastrophic injuries, including several fractured bones in her face and a massive brain bleed.  

At one point during her residency, there were alarms on her doors, however the alarms were improperly removed by the nursing home staff a few weeks before the incident happened.  

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the surviving family. Our attorneys were able to prove that the assisted living home was in fact negligent in their care and cause for the patient’s unfortunate and untimely death.  We were able to get a settlement for the family before ever going to court.  The settlement amount is confidential. 

Families trust assisted living facilities and their staff members to keep our loved ones safe. Sometimes, because of age, dementia or other medical conditions, our loved ones require additional observation to keep them from wandering away from an assisted living home. These residents are the most vulnerable to dangers outside the facility. Unfortunately, residents of assisted living facilities don’t always receive the observation they require. Sometimes this is the result of inadequate training of nursing home staff. Other times it results when proper procedures are not implemented, such as bed or door alarms, or an inadequate number of properly trained staff members are assigned to care for the residents.

Regardless of the cause, when a Michigan assisted living facility fails to prevent a patient from wandering away from the facility that patient can be put in a dangerous situation and it may result in death. If your loved died from wandering from an assisted living facility, nursing home or other medical facility in Michigan, that facility is responsible for failing to prevent him or her from wandering. It is important that you contact an experienced and knowledgeable attorney willing to fight for the full compensation you deserve.  For more information on how our Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. attorneys can help you, call our law firm today at (800) 606-1717 for your free, no obligation case evaluation.  We will discuss your legal rights and determine whether or not the home was negligent in their care. 

Death From Fall in Michigan Nursing Home

Our Michigan nursing home neglect attorneys handle cases involving falls in nursing homes.  The injuries from these falls are often serious and included hip fractures, facial fractures, and serious head injuries.   A nursing home resident who falls is often unable to protect himself or herself against a serious head injury and this can result in a brain bleed or other catastrophic condition.  Many times, these falls lead to the tragic death of the resident.

Most nursing home falls are completely preventable with the proper care and supervision of the staff.  The nursing home staff is required to perform an initial fall risk assessment for every resident upon admission to the facility and periodically during the admission. When a resident is determined to be a fall risk, the staff is required to implement a plan of care to prevent a resident fall.  

There are many interventions that can be implemented to prevent a nursing home fall.  These include the keeping beds low to the floor, the use of floor mats next to beds, and the use of alarms for both beds and wheelchairs.  Residents should also be closely supervised at all times and staff should respond quickly to alarms when a fall risk patient attempts to get out of bed or a wheelchair.  Wheelchairs should have proper foot pedals and have the wheels locked while the resident is stationary.   Bed rails and lap belts for wheelchairs can be used upon a physician recommendation and request from the family.

When a nursing home resident dies directly from a fall injury or indirectly from a downward spiral in their health after a fall, the family members should consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home facility.  These lawsuits seek compensation for the loss of the loved one due to the negligence of the nursing home staff in failing to prevent the fall.   (more…)

Fountains At Franklin Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

Our Michigan assisted living injury attorneys recently filed a wrongful death  lawsuit against The Fountains At Franklin located  Southfield, Michigan.   The facility which is operated and managed by Watermark Retirement Communities.  The wrongful death lawsuit was filed in the Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac, Michigan.

The lawsuit seeks damages for the wrongful death of a 90 year old resident.  She suffered from dementia and was placed in the memory care unit at The Fountains At Franklin based upon the recommendation of the facility.  The assisted living facility promoted that unit as a safe unit for residents with dementia and promised to have adequate staffing and supervision.   The lawsuit alleges that the facility failed to provide a safe environment and this resulted in the death of the resident.


The incident occurred on December 1, 2012 in the early evening when resident was unsupervised and entered into the kitchen area of the memory care unit.  She was able to gain entry into a kitchen cabinet beneath a sink and drank from an open container of a caustic dishwashing detergent.    The resident was found by staff members after she had ingested the toxic substance.  She had significant chemical burns to her face, mouth, and tongue and was rushed by EMS personnel to a local hospital emergency department.  She was admitted to the hospital.  The hospital physicians noted that she suffered serious burns to her mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach due to the dishwashing agent.  The physicians determined that she was not a candidate for surgery based upon her age and condition.  She passed away after a short period of hospitalization.  The Oakland County Medical Examiner determined that the death was caused by the toxic dishwasher detergent. (more…)

Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Death of Nursing Home Resident |Michigan Wrongful Death Attorneys

A patient residing in a nursing home died on December 13, 2011, after suffering a subdural and subarachnoid hematoma. Unfortunately, this family was lied to, although the real facts were not revealed until they were watching the evening news. The newscaster announced that the coroner’s office ruled the cause of death a homicide because she was assaulted by an Alzheimer’s patient.

The family then sought out answers from the nursing home seeking answers. The victim’s son does not blame the other resident, but he was shocked by the lies and could not believe the lack of supervision provided by the nursing home staff. The altercation happened in the dining room, where no supervision was present.

The family originally sought an apology and $30,000 to cover the woman’s hospital bills; however the nursing home refused to accept accountability. Now the facility is facing a wrongful death lawsuit. Ironically, an inspection in January 2011 cited the nursing home for failure to provide adequate supervision to prevent a fall in the Alzheimer’s unit. In response the nursing home submitted a plan of correction and promised not to leave Alzheimer’s residents unsupervised in the dining room. Obviously, the plan was never effectively implemented.

Falls are very common among patients in nursing homes and can cause serious injuries, such as a subdural hematoma, or even death among the victims. Falls are most prevalent in elderly patients residing in nursing homes, and about 10% to 25% of falls result in hospital admission or fractures. (more…)

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