Michigan Bed Sore Lawsuit Filed Against Bloomfield Hills Nursing Home

Our nursing home neglect attorneys recently filed a Michigan bed sore lawsuit against a Bloomfield Hills nursing home on behalf of a patient who suffered from a Stage 4 bed sore.  Our client developed the bed sore on the buttocks.  Upon admission the Bloomfield Hills nursing home knew that our client was an at risk patient for bed sores.  This was because previously before our client was admitted to the nursing facility, he was a resident at an inpatient rehabilitation facility and developed a Stage 3 bed sore in the same area.  However, there was no evidence of skin breakdown and no bed sores identified on any part of his body when coming to the nursing home due to the rehabilitation facility providing the appropriate wound care to heal the sore.  

Our nursing home neglect attorneys filed the lawsuit in the Oakland County Circuit Court located in Pontiac, Michigan.  The claim seeks damages against the nursing home for the pain and suffering endured by the resident from both the bed sore and required surgery to cover the wound and prevent further infection.

Some of the most common causes for bed sores to develop include immobility, decreased sensation in parts of the body, particularly the buttocks, and prior bed sores.  Our client had all three of these medical conditions, yet the nursing home staff failed to recognize that he was at risk and therefore failed to implement and develop a plan that would ensure our client would not develop any bed sores.  Due to the staff’s negligent care and failure to implement an appropriate plan of care, the patient suffered from a Stage 4 bed sore.   

Stage 4 bed sores are the most serious level of bed sores. By the time, a Stage 4 sore has formed, there has already been a craterous sore for some time. In fact, Stage 4 is the terminology used to indicate the crater has become so deep that there is damage to the muscle and bone underneath the skin.  These level of sores are almost always the result of negligence and outright abuse and often times require flap surgery to cover the sore from another area of the body so that infection does not spread.  By the time it was discovered that the patient had a bed sore it was too far along to treat with medications and other forms of therapy, therefore our client had to undergo flap surgery.  Flap surgery is generally performed by a general surgeon with experience and experise in wound care surgery.

No trial date has been set by the court. 

Patients of a Michigan nursing home, or their family members, should call our nursing home neglect attorneys immediately at (800) 606-1717 if you suffer from bed sores.  Remember bed sores, especially Stage 4, are almost always the result of negligence and neglect care at a nursing home facility.  Make sure your loved one is treated right and protect other patients who may suffer from the same neglect.  Call today to discuss your case and speak with one of our experienced Michigan nursing home lawyers.   We will start working on your case immediately, gathering all the evidence and medical records to prove and win your case. Do no wait to contact our lawyers if your loved one already has had a bed sore develop. There are strict statute of limitations for filing these types of cases and if you miss the deadline your case will be lost forever.  Call now!

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