Michael Fezzey

There were many options when choosing a firm to represent my family regarding a wrongful death we opted to pursue. My first thought was to check Google Reviews, their website, and finally some basic Internet review. Having these sources were of tremendous benefit to me. We chose this law firm based on resources available and the positive reviews I came across. I worked primarily with Bob who, in the end, proved to go above what I expected. Living in Grand Rapids and having a firm in the Detroit area made me assume there would be some disconnect at times. It was not the case. Bob made us feel involved and up-to-date at all junctures of the case. He made calls on weekends, getting kids around for activities when he was home, and at numerous points in the case. We truly felt involved and he had no issue explaining things in laymen terms to us. He was prompt to call/text whenever we had questions. I would certainly recommend him, and the law firm, to anyone in need of these services. He was empathetic to our situation and took the time necessary to balance that with the legalities that ensured. Great job!

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