Placing a loved one in the care of a nursing home or long-term care facility is always a hard decision. When you make that choice, you should expect they will provide the same care you would give at your home.

You might be left feeling overwhelmed if you suspect abuse has occurred, and confused about the next steps to take. Reaching out to the authorities and a nursing facility abuse attorney is crucial to protect your family member and the other residents. Call a Warren nursing home abuse lawyer to proceed with a lawsuit.

Warning Signs of Potential Nursing Home Abuse

There are some potential signs to watch for that might indicate abuse or neglect at a long-term care facility, such as:

A nursing home abuse attorney in Warren knows all the obvious and subtle signs to watch for and could investigate if there is cause for a civil case against the facility.

The Different Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home neglect or abuse may take many forms, but all have a vast range of adverse consequences. Abuse may be physical, emotional, financial, neglect, or sexual abuse. It is vital to understand each form and remain vigilant for signs that it could be happening.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse occurs when a caregiver or employee at the facility causes a resident physical pain or injuries as a method to control them. It can cause severe depression and anxiety, and they may show fear of being around certain staff members.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is often verbal cruelty or isolation. It could be threatening, intimidating, or making the residents feel left out during gatherings.

Financial Exploitation

Financial abuse occurs when a caregiver or nursing home employee uses a resident’s money or property for financial gain without permission. Potential signs of exploitation include items disappearing from their room, missing checks, or unexplained charges on their credit card statement.


Nursing home neglect is the failure of caregivers and staff to provide daily services and care necessary for physical and emotional health. Neglect can lead to psychological harm, mental anguish, and emotional distress.

Sexual Abuse

While not as common as other forms of abuse, some residents do suffer sexual abuse at the hands of caregivers and staff members. In addition to civil compensation, there might also be criminal charges involved.

Nursing Home Resident Rights and Freedoms

All nursing homes nationwide must comply with federal and state regulations protecting residents and ensuring they have legal rights and freedoms. The Michigan Legislature § 333.20201 provides guidance on the Patient Bill of Rights for nursing home and long-term care facility residents. The regulations require every resident receives appropriate and adequate care, free of mental or physical abuse. They must also have the freedom and legal right to participate in making critical medical decisions, and the right to religious freedom and civil liberties.

The City of Warren is located in Macomb County, Michigan. The skilled nursing home facilities in Warren include:

  • Autumn Woods Residential Health
  • Bortz Health Care Of Warren
  • Sanctuary At The Abbey
  • St Anthony Nursing Healthcare
  • Warren Woods Health And Rehabilitation Center

An elder care abuse lawyer in Warren could speak with concerned family members during a consultation and determine if the facility infringed on these rights.

Call an Experienced Warren Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

The caregivers and staff at nursing homes have a legal duty and moral responsibility to provide adequate care and compassion to residents. We can hold them accountable when they fail to deliver their commitment to the people who trust them.

You must take action quickly when you suspect a loved one suffers from neglect or abuse from a caregiver or staff in a long-term care facility. Call a Warren nursing home abuse lawyer to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

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