Our nursing home attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. handle cases involving wrongful death of a patient in hospital, nursing home and assisted living centers. Under Michigan law, family members who have lost a loved one in a nursing home do have means to file a lawsuit against the nursing home facility and nursing home doctors whose negligence in their care of the resident caused a premature and untimely death.

This type of lawsuit is brought under the Michigan Wrongful Death Statute. The wrongful death lawsuits seek compensation for the family members and aim to prevent such a tragedy from happening to another resident.  Typically, the family will select a personal representative to bring the lawsuit for them. Other family members still participate in the case and work together to assist the attorney. Get in touch with our firm today to speak with a compassionate Michigan nursing home wrongful death lawyer.

Types of Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death lawsuits in Michigan nursing homes arise from a number of different types of abuse and neglect. These include:

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Anyone who suspects that their loved one’s death was caused by abuse should not hesitate to contact a nursing home neglect attorney immediately. There is no way that the pain of losing a loved one can ever be undone. However, family members will feel a lot better knowing that justice has been served for themselves and the victim of nursing home neglect.

A wrongful death lawsuit also serves as notice to the nursing home that they need to improve their patient care of they will face other lawsuit in the future. Filing your wrongful death lawsuit against the facility will not only prevent another family from going through the same experience, but prevent another resident from an unexpected death at the nursing home.

If you have lost a loved one  due to neglect and abuse, call our office now to speak with one of our experienced Michigan nursing home wrongful death lawyers. We will start working on your case immediately and gather the necessary evidence to prove and win your case. We will also get you the real answers as to what happened and how it happened.

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