Whenever a family makes the difficult decision to place a loved one into an assisted living facility to receive around-the-clock support, they should be able to trust that every person employed by and contracted with that facility will provide their family member with high-quality care at all times. Unfortunately, not every facility fulfills this standard, which sometimes leads to residents suffering physical, emotional, and financial harm.

Taking legal action against a nursing home over their mistreatment of a resident can be a legally and emotionally challenging process, especially without a seasoned attorney guiding you through each step. With help from a dedicated Saginaw nursing home abuse lawyer, you could more effectively enforce your loved one’s rights and demand fair restitution for the harm they have unfairly sustained. Reach out to Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. to learn more about how our team can help.

Resident Rights and Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Both Michigan and United States laws guarantee numerous unassailable rights to nursing home residents, including the right to:

  • Have visitors
  • Live in a safe and healthy environment
  • Choose their own doctors and medical care
  • Carry on independent social and political lives
  • File complaints about mistreatment with facility administrators

Anyone working for, contracted by, or even living inside a nursing home who violates a resident’s rights and causes them physical harm in doing so may hold civil liability for any damages that resident suffers as a direct result.

Legally actionable mistreatment inside one of these facilities can take various forms, such as intentional physical or emotional abuse by a single staff member, widespread neglect stemming from staffing shortages, and wide-reaching fraudulent financial schemes meant to take money from vulnerable residents and their family members. A Saginaw nursing home abuse attorney could discuss a specific set of circumstances in a confidential setting, clarify whether it could serve as grounds for civil litigation, and offer irreplaceable guidance throughout any legal proceedings.

Filing Deadlines for Nursing Facility Abuse and Neglect

A comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand over mistreatment inside a nursing home can—and should—account for both economic and non-economic forms of harm, as well as both past and future damages relative to when the case begins. Specific damages that often play a role in these claims include:

  • Medical expenses for care made necessary by physical abuse or neglect
  • Personal property loss or damage
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life

Awareness of the statute of limitations regarding bringing forward a claim is essential. Michigan Compiled Laws § 600.5805 generally allows three years at most after someone initially sustains injuries through another person’s misconduct for the injured person—or a loved one acting on their behalf—to file suit. A Saginaw convalescent home abuse attorney can help ensure an injured resident meets this and any other relevant deadlines.

Get in Touch with a Saginaw Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

While nursing homes offer vital services to thousands of people across the Great Lakes State, not every facility provides the level of care it should. Unfortunately, it is shockingly common for nursing home residents to suffer severe neglect and abuse from the very people entrusted with helping them live the best life possible.

In a situation like this, it may fall to concerned family members to act in a resident’s name and demand fair compensation from the people responsible for harming their loved one. Call today to learn how a Saginaw nursing home abuse lawyer could help you.

The skilled nursing home facilities in Saginaw include:

  • Covenant Medical Center Inc
  • Healthsource Saginaw Inc
  • Heartland Health Care Center-Saginaw
  • Hoyt Nursing & Rehab Centre
  • Luther Manor Nursing Home
  • Magnumcare Of Saginaw LLC
  • Saginaw Geriatrics Home
  • Saginaw Senior Care And Rehab Center  LLC
  • St Francis Home
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