Untreated Decubitus Ulcer Causes Death

Our medical negligence lawyers represent hospital patients and nursing home residents who develop bed sores and decubitus ulcers. The conditions are usually completely avoidable and only develop because the medical staff failed to take the necessary precautions to prevent them from occurring.  Even patients who are at high risk for these sores due to their medical conditions should rarely ever get them with appropriate care and treatment.

Bed sores and decubitus ulcers that are not timely identified and go untreated can lead to a sepsis infection. Sepsis is a severe illness in which the bloodstream is overwhelmed by bacteria. When undiagnosed or untreated, sepsis can lead to serious medical conditions, including organ shut down, and even death.

The medical staff has the obligation to properly assess a patient for the risk of developing a bed sore and then implement a plan to reduce the risk and prevent it from occurring.  This can be accomplished by using a specialized mattress, turning the patient on a regular schedule, bathing the patient, and providing proper nutrition.  If a decubitus ulcer does develop, the hospital or nursing home facility must implement proper treatment to prevent it from worsening to the point where it becomes uncontrollable.  Quite often, a wound care specialist is called in to treat the sore.

Unfortunately, many times the medical staff fails to prevent the ulcer from developing and fails to treat it in a timely manner. Too often, by the time aggressive treatment is started it is too late to prevent significant harm or even death. These are tragic results from a preventable condition. (more…)

Heel Pressure Ulcers & Heel Sores in Michigan Nursing Homes

Our elder abuse attorneys represent nursing home residents in cases involving heel ulcers and heel sores.  These neglect lawsuits arise when a nursing home staff and physician fail to properly care for a resident which results in the development of heel ulcers or sores, also known as bed sores.  The injuries suffered from these heel ulcers is often severe and can result in amputation of the toes, feet, and even legs.

Heel ulcers constitute one of the most dominant problems for nursing home residents.  When a patient is immobility and has other health conditions, the heel is the second leading site for developing pressure ulcers. The most common factor for heel ulcers is diabetes, immobility, peripheral vascular disease, trauma, and age. 

Due to the lack of mobility, an excessive level of pressure is put on the skin and heel resulting in ulcers due to prolonged circulatory intervention. Pressure ulcers will develop when the heel is subjected to lengthy periods of weight that exceed capillary pressure. The failure of the medical staff to turn the patient, examine for heel sores, and properly treat an emerging sore is the foundation for a nursing home negligence lawsuit.  A physician who fails to timely and properly treat a foot ulcer or refer the patient to a wound care specialist may also be the subject of a lawsuit.

Lawsuits For Heel Pressure Ulcers & Heel Sores in Michigan Nursing Home

If your loved one has suffered injuries due to a heel pressure ulcer, you should contact an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer immediately! The top-rated nursing home neglect attorneys of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. represent clients under our No Fee promise and handle these types of cases regularly. Call our office today at (800) 606-1717 to learn your legal rights and discuss your case with one of the best Michigan nursing home neglect lawyers.

Sacral Pressure Ulcers & Sacrum Sores In Michigan Nursing Homes

Buckfire & Buckfire P.C’s Michigan sacral pressure sore nursing home attorneys often represent victims of nursing home neglect with seeking lawsuit for nursing homes neglect. These lawsuits are brought against the nursing home because they let a resident sustain a sacral pressure ulcer or sore while in their care.  While many residents are at risk for sacral pressures ulcers or sores, these are completely preventable with proper care, treatment, and monitoring.  When these ulcers or sores do occur, the resident can file a lawsuit against the nursing home.

Sacral Pressure Ulcers are caused by extended pressure on an area of the body. These sores commonly develop among the sick, elderly, disabled, and others who have difficultly moving themselves. The pressure from prolonged amount of time sitting or lying in the same position begins to cut off the supply of blood to an area of the body.

How Can Nursing Homes Prevent Sacral Pressure Ulcers & Sacrum Sores?

  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Try to assure adequate nutrition and hydration
  • Evaluate and manage urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Position to alleviate pressure over boney prominences and shearing forces over the heels and elbows, base of head and ears
  • Try to reposition every two hours when in bed and every hours when in a chair
  • Use appropriate positioning devices and foam padding; do not use donut-shaped devices.
  • Try and avoid placing the patient on his or her trochanters or directly on the wound.
  • Maintain the lowest head elevation possible.
  • Use lifting devices such as draw sheets or a trapeze.
  • Try to prevent contractures.
  • Do not massage reddened areas over bony prominences. (more…)
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