Nursing Homes In Michigan Can Prevent Fall Out of Bed Injuries With Floor Mats

The Michigan nursing home abuse lawyers of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. are devoted to protecting the elderly from fall out of bed injuries in Michigan nursing homes. Falling out of nursing home beds, can lead to severe injuries, like fractured hips, and even death.

There are several risk factors that may contribute to a resident falling from a bed.  These include:

  • History of a previous fall
  • Age
  • Abnormalities of gait and balance
  • Visual and cognitive impairment.
  • Disorientation or impairment due to the effects of medication
  • Attempting without assistance due to understaffed or unanswered calls from resident

However, many of times when a nursing home resident falls out of bed, it is due to nursing home abuse. 

Floor Mats Prevent Fall Out of Bed Injuries in Michigan Nursing Homes

By taking certain precautions many falls out of bed by residents can be prevented.  An important measure to consider is the use of bed rails or similar restraints.  However, a fall may still happen, and in this case it is important to minimize injuries. Protective floor mats can decrease potentially serious injuries that occur from falling out of bed.

For further information on falls that in nursing homes, refer to this informative article: “Biomechanics and Injury Risk Assessment of Falls Onto Protective Floor Mats,” in Rehabilitation Nursing.  Many statistics and studies on decreasing injuries from falls from bed are presented in this article by three biomechanical experts.  Their biomechanical analysis discusses the use of floor mats as a proven way to reduce or minimize fall from bed injuries.  Key Practice Points for nursing home staff and administrators, suggested by these authors are:

1.  Biomechanical injury risk assessment can help nursing professionals select fall-related safety devices such as protective floor mats.

2.  The use of protective floor mats can significantly rude the risk of injury to the head, chest, and pelvis under tested conditions.

3.  Minimizing the fall height by placing the bed at is lowest position also minimizes fall-related injury risk to the head, chest, and pelvis.

4.  Additional research and testing is needed to establish standardized testing methodologies and rating systems for protective floor mats.


Legal Rights After Injuries From Fall Out of Nursing Home Bed

Has your family member suffered from a fall from a bed? When the fault falls on the nursing home due to lack of consideration of the risk of a fall injury, failure to take measures to prevent a fall injury, or the failure to take steps to minimize the seriousness of injury, measures against the nursing home need to be taken.  This will not only help compensate the resident for the injuries or the family if the patient dies from the fall, but will help prevent other similar incidents from occurring at the facility at a later date.

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