Patient Fell in Michigan Nursing Home

Our experienced Michigan nursing home injury lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. often seek cases brought to them by concerned family members of loved ones who fell in a Michigan nursing home, hospital, or assisted living facility.  The occurrence of a when a patient fell in nursing home is very common and quite frequent among the elderly. This is because often times, elderly patients are frail and have difficulty walking independently. Patients can also be disoriented due to their medical condition or from certain medications.

Michigan nursing homes and their staffs are required to be trained to prevent fall injury. Often they are negligent in supervising patients, assisting with transfers, or even being available for a patient who calls from bed and needs to use a bathroom. The patient may feel ignored and attempt to get out of bed without assistance. This is one of the leading causes as to why a patient fell in Michigan nursing home and suffered serious injury or event death.

Patient Fell in Michigan Nursing Home Risk Factors

Each patient residing at a Michigan nursing home should be assessed for their risk factors and probability to fall.  Often times, it is the staff’s lack of knowledge and awareness that does not allow them to properly assess a patients risk for to fall.  The staff should implement assessment tools, intervention strategies and communication skills with each other.  Listed below some of the most common factors as to why a patient fell in Michigan nursing home.

  • Age
  • History of falls
  • Awareness and acceptance
  • Pathological conditions and existing diseases
  • Postural hypotension
  • Vision deficits
  • Hearing deficits
  • Strength deficits
  • Loss of symmetry
  • Balance problems
  • Cognitive and attention issues
  • Shoe style and fit
  • Assistive device and fit
  • Environmental factors
  • Nutrition and hydration (qualifies as both intrinsic and extrinsic)
  • Lack of: assessment tools, treatment, and communication

Contact a Michigan Nursing Home Injury Lawyer

If your loved fell in a Michigan nursing home and suffers injuries due to that fall, that nursing home may be responsible for their injuries. Contact our office immediately after a patient fell in Michigan nursing home to investigate the cause of the accident. These injuries are often not well-documented and it is necessary to do a full investigation, especially because the person does not always have the ability to remember or describe the incident. The injured and the family members may be entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries in a fall if the fall took place in a Michigan nursing home and the nursing home failed to take proper preventative fall measures. Call our Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. law firm office today at (800) 606- 1717 for your free consultation!

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