Patient Injuries Due to Ineffective Bed Alarm

Our Michigan Medical neglect lawyers are experienced with medical malpractice cases arising from a patients falling out ofhospital beds. The simple act of getting out of bed can be one of the most dangerous activities for the elderly. Bed alarms are a preventative measure, but studies show that bed alarms don’t equal fewer falls from hospital beds.

Bed Alarms Do Not Always Prevent Fall Injuries

Bed alarms are widely used as fall prevention in many Michigan hospitals. Bed alarms are designed to alert the medical staff if a patient tries to get out of bed without assistance.  However, falls still remain one of the most frustrating difficulties to prevent. A fall may still occur because the alarm sounds are being ignored or the devices sounded off improperly, leading to “alarm fatigue.” Alarms do little by themselves; a better approach is to train medical staff to closely monitor at risk patients.

Solution to Fewer Falls Out of Bed

At risk patients should be given special consideration when staying at a hospital. At risk patients include: any patient that may be disorientated and/ or confused due to medication.  Statistics show falls out of bed are most common in patients older than 65 and can lead to serious injury or even death.

Legal Rights for Injured Patients From a Hospital Fall

Patients who suffer injuries due to falls in hospitals do have legal rights. The patient, or family member, should contact our office immediately after a fall from a hospital bed.  These injuries are often not well-documented by the facility or the staff and it is necessary to do a full investigation, especially because the patient does not always have the ability to remember or describe the incident. An injured patient may be entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries suffered in a fall, if the hospital failed to act on the bed alarm or the alarm malfunctioned.

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