Preventative Measures Michigan Nursings Home Should Take With Patients At Risk For Falling

According to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC), there are preventative measures a nursing home should take to prevent falls when housing an at risk patient.  Statistics show that there is a loss of 1 percent in strength each year after the age of 60 in elders. As a result, the risk of a fallen injury increases substantially. Considering the majority of those who are residents in nursing homes are elder individuals, the risk of falling and fall injuries is quite high. However, even with this high risk, Michigan nursing homes and their caretakers and staff should be trained properly to be able to assess the patient and their risk factor of falling.

Some of these prevenataive measures include:

  • All adults over the age of 75 should receive a comprehensive risk factor analysis.
  • Utilize fall prevention strategies through exercise
  • Wear the right shoes (with proper fitted soles and non-slip grip)
  •  Use additional light
  • Use assistive devices (such as grab bars, hand rails, and raised toilet seat)

Taking some of this advice and implementing it into your everyday life is relatively simple and many Michigan nursing homes should implement them with their patients. Within the last 20 years the fatality rate has nearly doubled, killing 350-400 people each year in Michigan alone. Out of the elderly that fall, 25 percent of them require medical attention, totaling $649 million in medical expenses.

In Michigan, the number of elderly people over the age of 65 total more than 1 million. In addition, 13 percent of seniors reported having fallen within the last month. How many go unreported?  If the injury isn’t significant, chances are they might not seek medical attention.

Legal Rights Afer a Michigan Nursing Home Fall Injury

Individuals who suffer injuries due to a fall in a nursing home do have legal rights. Many of times, the fall is caused due to the negligent care of the nurse caregiver, note enough supervision, or environmental hazards such as incorrect bed height. If the resident falls due to those circumstances or any other negligent act from a nurse or caregiver in a Michigan nursing home, it can give rise to a Michigan nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuit.

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