Our nursing home abuse attorneys frequently file lawsuits against Michigan assisted living facilities and nursing homes for patients who suffer injury from no supervision while living at the facility.

Consequences of Lack of Supervision

Some of the most common types of accidents and injuries that occur from the failure to provide supervision include, but not limited to, wandering and elopement from the nursing home, fall injuries resulting in fractures and brain bleeds, burn injuries due to hot water, food spills, in showers and baths, choking injuries while eating in the resident room or dining area, ingestion of hazardous materials and non-food items, sexual assaults on residents by other residents, and more. These lawsuits seek compensation for the resident and the family for the injuries suffered. They also serve to prevent such a tragedy from happening to another resident in the future.

The nursing home lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. understand the difficult decision a family must make to have a loved one admitted into a skilled nursing home or assisted living facility. Researching the facility is important, most likely families rely on the facility to provide staff members that would provide necessary supervision to the resident.  In fact, the staff to resident staffing ratio is often a key factor in which nursing home will be chosen for a family member.

Supervision Requirements

The facility is required to provide a staffing ratio between care providers to properly supervise the residents in their rooms, bathrooms, the dining area, and other common areas. A nursing home or assisted living facility would be violating the law giving rise to a Michigan nursing home neglect lawsuit because of poor supervision that resulted in serious injury and even death.

According to a report done by the Detroit Free Press, inspectors found 31 health violations for every 100 Michigan nursing home residents in a three year period, compared to the national rate of 26. In fact, in the State of Michigan, 77% of nursing homes were cited at least once in the last three years for serious violations with 33 of those cases involving residents who died.

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