The Buckfire & Buckfire P.C. nursing home neglect attorneys have significant experience in filing lawsuits against Michigan nursing homes for improper dosage of medication administered to nursing home patients. Administering incorrect dosage of medication can cause serious injury and even death. Unfortunately, medication errors are all too common within the nursing home industry.  If you suspect your loved one is not being properly taken care of by the nursing home they reside in, and the nursing home staff has made a medication error, contact our team.

Nursing Home Patients Receiving Improper Medication Dosage

Misadministration of medicine and medication mistakes is a frequent and serious problem in Michigan nursing homes.  Residents are given the wrong medication or not given the medication in the dosage or frequency as required by the physician’s order.  Often this happens due to the carelessness of the staff, lack of supervision of the nurses administering the medications or not having enough properly trained and supervised staff to administer the medications.

Studies have shown delayed or missed treatment of medication and the administration of the wrong dose or the wrong medication are the two most common medical mistakes made in the hospital setting.  Studies also show that nursing home medication error occurrences are widely under reported.  It is estimated that only 1.5% of all medication errors are actually reported.

Errors can occur when: the patient’s chart is misreading by the nursing home staff because it is poorly written, similar looking pills, or staff is rushing due to being understaffed.  Nursing home care staff must exercise reasonable care when administering prescriptions to ensure that patients are receiving the highest standard of care and all injuries are avoided.

Dangers of Improper Dosage

Improper dosage can cause serious medical complications by taking too much, too little or the wrong drug all together.  Many prescription medications treat serious illness and disease, and besides the risks associated with taking the wrong drug or the wrong dose, are the risks associated with not treating the illness or disease that prompted your doctor to give you a prescription in the first place. Due to the fact that many people may be responsible for your loved one’s medication, medication errors can happen more frequently.

Unfortunately, improper dosage is reported to be a common problem in Michigan nursing homes.  Often, it is an error due to overlooking the patient’s safety.  However, it can also occur when the nursing home staff feels the need to control difficult patients.  Either situation is unacceptable.

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