Patient Allergic Reaction To Medication In Michigan Nursing Home

Our Michigan nursing home neglect lawyers represent families and residents who suffer severe allergic reactions from medication at a nursing home due to neglect or abuse.  Often times, these injuries or allergic reactions, are the result of the carelessness of the nursing home staff or another resident.  These injuries are preventable and the negligent party should be held accountable.  In fact, according to the Institute of Medicine, there were about 770,000 people in the United States hospitalized due to drug allergies, otherwise known as adverse drug reactions.

Different types of allergies exist, such as food, environment, and drug, which seem to be the most dangerous. Due to the serious, even deadly outcomes, Michigan nursing homes are responsible for knowing a patient’s complete medical history before taking any kind of medication.

Common Drug Allergies That Can Occur in Michigan Nursing Homes 

Some of the more common types of drug allergies that take place in Michigan nursing homes include.

  • Non-steroidal / anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDS)
  • Cephalosporin
  • Anesthetics
  • Anesthetics
  • Penicillin
  • Radiology contrast dye
  • Sulfonamides
  • Seizure Medication

Symptoms of Allergic Reaction To Medication in Michigan Nursing Homes

Having educated staff that can recognize the onset of a drug allergy can be the difference between life and death in severe cases. Symptoms may include:

  • Swelling (eyes, lips, tongue)
  • Pale color
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Topical hives or blisters

In severe reactions, the person could become faint, dizzy, develop a blockage in their airway or experience a heart attack. Life-threatening or fatal injuries potentially could be the cause of carelessness or recklessness on behalf of a healthcare professional.

Contact Your Michigan Nursing Home Neglect Attorney 

Our experienced Michigan nursing home neglect attorneys handle cases against facilities for medication allergic reactions on behalf of injured resident.  For more information on your legal rights after an allergic reaction to medication in Michigan nursing home, call our experienced expert attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. now at (800) 606-1717.  We will represent you and your family in your medication case under our No Fee Promise, which means no legal fees or costs until we prove and win your case. Call now for your free consultation!

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