The Buckfire & Buckfire P.C. nursing home injury attorneys have substantial experience in representing residents suffering from electric blanket burns in Michigan nursing homes. Often times these injuries are a result of the unsupervised use of defective electric blankets or heating pads. If your loved one suffered burn injuries from a defective electric blanket due to the nursing home’s lack of supervision, the facility may be negligent and it may give rise to a neglect lawsuit. At Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.  the personal safety of your loved one is our top priority.  Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have an obligation to ensure the safety of their residents from serious injuries.

Electric Blanket Use in Nursing Homes

Electric blankets and heating pads are commonly used in Michigan nursing homes; however they are also known to severely burn patients if they are defective.  Electric blankets and heating pads can be poorly designed or manufactured, which can cause them to overheat.  The overheating of these products can cause burns, fire or even electrocution.

Both electric blankets and heating pads produce heat and are used to target parts of your body.  The heat setting is selected by the user; however, these products can be a product liability issue or defective when they reach dangerous levels of heat.

The elderly are at increased risk of sustaining serious burn injuries resulting from faulty and defective electric blankets and heating pads.  Often, elderly are not able to reposition their bodies away from the increasingly heat, or change the settings of the device.  Models are constantly being recalled, and the nursing home is responsible for being aware of the recalled models.  Recall problems usually are, but not limited to: loose casing that would lead to exposed wires and subsequent fire, or overheating.  If is also imperative that nursing home replace old ,worn or damaged devices, as these could lead to fires, electrocution, or overheating.

If, however, you have suffered injuries from an electric blanket due to a manufacturing or design defect, such as with one of the recalled models, you may have legal recourse to sue.

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