Resident’s Rights in Michigan Nursing Homes

Residents in Michigan nursing homes have the same rights as everyone else, the combination of an institutional setting and the disability that put the person in the facility in the first place can result in loss of dignity or lack of proper care.  The law gives the residents many explicit rights, and our Michigan Nursing Home Lawyers will represent you if you feel that any of your rights have been violated.  These rights are listed below in detail.

It is important that as a nursing home patient you and your family members know your rights.  The Michigan Public Health Code statute, MCL 333 20201; MSA 14/15 (20201) found in a brochure printed by the Michigan Office of the Attorney General, states:

  1. An individual may obtain a copy of, or inspect his/her medical records, and a third party shall not be given a copy without authorization of the patient except as required by law and third party contract.
  2. A nursing home patient or resident is entitled to adequate and appropriate care and to receive information about his/her medical condition, proposed treatment and prospects for recovery, unless medically contraindicated by the physician in the medical record.
  3. A nursing home patient or resident is entitled to associate and have private communication with/her physician, attorney or any other person, and to send and receive personal mail unopened, unless medically contraindicated. A patient’s or resident’s civil and religious liberties shall not be infringed and the facility shall encourage and assist in the exercise of these rights.
  4. A nursing home patient or resident is entitled to be free from MENTAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE and, except as authorized by a physician, or as necessitated by an emergency to protect the patient, free from physical and chemical restraints.
  5. A nursing home, its owner, administrator, employee, or representative shall not discharge, harass, retaliate or discriminate against a patient because a patient has exercised rights protected by law.

Our Michigan nursing home neglect lawyers are experienced in handling cases for nursing home residents who suffer injuries and resident’s family members who have lost a loved one in a Michigan health care facility such as a nursing home, hospital and assisted living facilities.  These lawsuits will be filed against the health care facility and nursing home doctors whose carelessness in their care of resident caused injuries or even wrongful death.

We will represent you in your Michigan nursing home abuse and neglect case under our NO FEE PROMISE. This means that you will not be charged any legal fees whatsoever unless we obtain a settlement or recovery for you. You have absolutely no obligation for legal fees unless we win your case. If we do not obtain a settlement for you, you owe us nothing!

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