The nursing home neglect attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. represent patients who suffer from ankle pressure sores or bed sores on the ankles.  Nursing home facilities are responsible for the care and treatment of their patients. Part of this proper treatment does include taking proper measures to prevent and ensure a patient does not develop pressure sores on the ankle. If a patient does suffer from ankle pressure ulcers, it often gives rise to a nursing home neglect lawsuit against the Michigan nursing home for their failure to properly treat a patient.

What Is An Ankle Pressure Sore?

Ankle pressure sores are bed sores on the ankle that develop due to extended or prolonged pressure on the ankle itself.  When there is pressure on the ankle from lying n the same position for hours, what happens is that the pressure on the ankle bone starts cutting off the blood supply to the ankle and the resulting outcome is the formation of a bed sore.

Ankle Pressure Sores Among Michigan Nursing Home Residents

These ulcers are quite common among elderly, sick, and disabled.  Due to the fact that many patients residing in a Michigan nursing home are elderly and often times not as mobile, or have difficulty moving themselves, facilities need to be very careful with their care, as ankle pressure sores can easily develop.  In fact, any patient who is bedridden is prone to develop heel or ankle pressure sores.

Prevention of Ankle Pressure Sores

There are many preventative measures a Michigan nursing home and its staff can take to properly ensure a patient will not develop pressure sores or bed sores on the ankle.  These preventative measures include:

  • Reposition a patient on a regular schedule frequently. Recommended repositioning should include every two hours if the patient is in a bed and every 30 minutes if the patient is sitting in a wheelchair.
  • Position a patient so that there is no pressure on the ankle or any type of shearing forces on the heel.
  • Do no let a patients ankles touch each other when a patient is lying on their side.
  • Be aware of a patient’s skin, watch for redness in the area of the ankle or heel and check that area on a patient twice a day.
  • Make sure a patient is not malnourished.
  • Maintain a good personal hygiene, even when a patient has a bowel or bladder incontinence
  • Never use hot water when bathing a patient.
  • Avoid dressing patients with socks, shoes, and splints or braces that are too tight.
  • Have a qualified health professional regularly evaluate the patient’s nutrition.

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