Our elder abuse attorneys represent nursing home residents in cases involving bed and pressure sores. These neglect lawsuits arise when a nursing home staff and physician fail to properly care for a resident which results in the development of heel ulcers or sores, also known as bed sores.  The injuries suffered from these heel pressure sores in Michigan nursing homes is often severe and can result in amputation of the toes, feet, and even legs.

Common Factors for Heel Ulcers

Heel ulcers constitute one of the most dominant problems for Michigan nursing home residents.  When a patient is immobile and has other health conditions, the heel is the second leading site for developing pressure ulcers. The most common factor for heel ulcers is diabetes, immobility, peripheral vascular disease, trauma, and age.

Due to the lack of mobility, an excessive level of pressure is put on the skin and heel resulting in ulcers due to prolonged circulatory intervention. Pressure ulcers will develop when the heel is subjected to lengthy periods of weight that exceed capillary pressure. The failure of the medical staff to turn the patient, examine for heel sores, and properly treat an emerging sore is the foundation for a nursing home negligence lawsuit.  A physician who fails to timely and properly treat a foot ulcer or refer the patient to a wound care specialist may also be the subject of a lawsuit.

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