Nursing home negligence lawsuits and medical malpractice cases are often filed due to patient’s developing pressure sores or ulcers, or the facilities poor management of them. A Michigan nursing home patient will suffer from tailbone pressure sores when they are sitting or lying in the same position for a prolonged amount of time, cutting off the supply of blood to the patient’s buttocks and coccyx.

Coccyx pressure sores also referred to tailbone bed sores should be prevented or timely diagnosed by the nursing home providing proper care and monitoring. With proper detection, treatment can be administered properly. Medical malpractice cases against nursing care facilities arise when patients are not accurately treated or when a delay in treatment causes the condition to become much worse, which can cause an unnecessary surgery.

What Is A Tailbone Pressure Sore?

Tailbone pressure sores are bed sores on the tailbone that develop due to extended or prolonged pressure on the tailbone itself.  Whenever a patient lies in bed or sits in a chair or wheelchair, for a long period of time, the tailbone and bones of the buttocks receive pressure from the upper body and the skin covering the tailbone starts to degrade forming a pressure sore. To prevent this, patients should be shifted in their position every 15 minutes.

There are many different states of tailbone ulcers. For example, at Stage 1, the change in the skin covering the tailbone are very mild and the skin does not break.  It is in Stage II that a blister actually starts to develop on the patients buttocks. When a patient reaches Stage IV, it can be very detrimental as the ulcer erodes tissue, including muscle, bone, tendons and joints in the area.  Dead skin may also start to form a callus and will have to be removed.

How Can Nursing Homes Prevent Sacral Pressure Ulcers & Sacrum Sores?

Nursing homes are legally responsible if their staff fails to prevent, detect, or treat a pressure sore.  When a resident develops a pressure sore or ulcer that is not properly diagnosed or treated, it can give rise to a nursing home neglect lawsuit.  In that circumstance, the family members of the resident can sue the nursing home for the injuries and medical expenses related to the care and treatment of the sore.

  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Try to assure adequate nutrition and hydration
  • Evaluate and manage urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Position to alleviate pressure over boney prominences and shearing forces over the heels and elbows, base of head and ears
  • Try to reposition every two hours when in bed and every hours when in a chair
  • Use appropriate positioning devices and foam padding; do not use donut-shaped devices.
  • Try and avoid placing the patient on his or her trochanters or directly on the wound.
  • Maintain the lowest head elevation possible.
  • Use lifting devices such as draw sheets or a trapeze.
  • Try to prevent contractures.
  • Do not massage reddened areas over bony prominences.

Filing a Nursing Home Lawsuit For Tailbone Pressure Sores

Patients who suffer from bed sores or pressure ulcers on the tailbone may be a victim of nursing home neglect.  Often times, when a patient develops a pressure sore it is because the nursing home failed to properly take preventative measures to ensure the patient does not develop ulcers as wall as failed to properly care for the patient.  It is the responsibility of the Michigan nursing home to care for the patient, which includes ensuring that they do not suffer from tailbone bed sores.

There are distinct signs of lack of proper care that a family member of a patient should start taking note of regarding their loved one’s care.  Some of the signs include failure to bathe a patient and poor hygiene, incorrect positing of a patient during sleeping and sitting, turning schedules, nutritional care, clothing choices and more.  If you feel you have been a victim of nursing home neglect and you suffer from tailbone pressure sores, it is important you contact an experienced attorney immediately to discuss your case. .

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