Our nursing home abuse attorneys have significant experience in filing lawsuits against hospital, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes for patients who have suffered a Kennedy Terminal Ulcer in a Michigan nursing home.  This classification of a pressure sore is really just a myth and was created by nursing homes and the attorneys representing medical facilities.  This is their attempt to avoid liability for their negligent care of a patient or resident.

There is really no such thing as an unavoidable pressure ulcer if proper observation, care, and treatment are provided.  However, medical facilities often fail to provide this required care and the result is a serious and infected bed sore.  As an attempt to avoid responsibility, the term “Kennedy Terminal Ulcer” was created to describe a sore that develops while a person is dying as somehow this is a natural development of sores during the dying process.

The Kennedy Terminal Ulcer develops on the coccyx, sacrum, and heels.  These places are of course, the same spots where most other pressure ulcers occur.  Not surprisingly, they are most often the result of medical neglect in a hospital or nursing care facility.

In fact, many patients with pressure ulcers who are nearing death have sepsis, osteomyelitis, and other serious conditions due to an infected ulcer or sore.  By attempting to classify a bed sore as a Kennedy Terminal Ulcer, the medical provider is trying to change the real focus of neglect to a natural and unavoidable condition.  Wound care doctors and skin specialists fully realize that this attempt is baseless and the medical community in general does not subscribe to this theory.

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