The nursing home neglect attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. represent patients who suffer from pressure sores or bed sores on the elbow.  Nursing home facilities are responsible for the care and treatment of their patients. Part of this proper treatment does include taking proper measures to prevent and ensure a patient does not develop pressure sores on the elbow. If a patient does suffer from elbow pressure ulcers, it often gives rise to a nursing home neglect lawsuit against the Michigan nursing home for their failure to properly treat a patient.

What Is An Elbow Pressure Sore?

Elbow pressure sores are bed sores on the elbow that develop due to continual pressure on the elbows or pressure on the elbows for long periods of time, as well as poor diet and nutrition.  Elbows contain a bony protuberance that is close to the skin.   The skin over the elbow bones break down with pressure, especially when a patient is lying in bed for several hours of the day and night and their body weight presses against the elbow bones.  This continual body weight pressure when an individual has not moved from their lying position will cause a pressure to develop on the elbow.

Preventing Pressure Sores Among Nursing Home Residents

These ulcers are quite common among elderly and disabled, however Michigan nursing homes and their caregivers are to be properly trained to prevent patients from developing these ulcers. Some preventative measures a facility can take, include:

  • Frequently turning the patient over in bed
  • Maintain a good nutritional diet for patient including nutrients needed for healthy skin such as eggs, dairy products, beef, pork chicken, and more
  • Ensure the patient is receiving proper amount of vitamins such as vitamin A, E, C and zinc
  • Proper training of nursing home staff that will implement other preventative measures to ensure patient does not develop pressure sores

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