Prove Nursing Home Neglect With Pictures of Bed Sores & Pressure Sores

At the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. our nursing home lawyers represent patients suffering from bed sores and pressure sores while residing at a Michigan nursing home.  Often times when a patient suffers from these ulcers it is a direct result of the carelessness and neglect of the facility staff, and it may give rise to a nursing home neglect lawsuit.  When filing a claim, it is vital that you have supporting evidence to prove your case.  Our Michigan attorneys highly recommend the use of photographs or images of the injuries itself, as photos of bed sores and pressure sores are in fact the best evidence to prove the serious nature of the damages suffered by the resident.  In fact, for our law firm, we have found that pictures of bed sores have been a valuable part for us in obtaining significant settlements for our clients.

A pressure sore or bed sore are very serious and can lead to significant medical problems to a patient, even death. Upon admission to the nursing home and throughout the admission, the staff is required to assess a patient’s risk of developing these ulcers.  The failure for a facility to improperly assess a patient, prevent them from developing sores and treating them promptly is a form of neglect.  If you decide to file a lawsuit against the facility, you will have to demonstrate the condition you were in and injuries suffered to an insurance adjuster.  If the the case goes to trial, you will also have to demonstrate the damages to a jury as well.  This is why it is so important that you have pictures of a bed sore, as it serves as visual proof that nursing home neglect has taken place.

Our top rated attorneys recommend you take pictures throughout the entire process and every stage of the bed sore.  Some of the picture we recommend taking include:

  • Pictures taken immediately after the bed sore is discovered.  These images will not only demonstrate the severity of the injuries but also show the pain and suffering caused by the sore and what the skin looked like before medical treatment.
  • Pictures taken at the hospital just after treatment has been provided to show the pain and suffering damages the patient suffered, as well as what the condition looked like before the healing process begins.
  • Pictures taken immediately after any type of treatment or plastic surgery.
  • Pictures taken during the entire healing process, even it is a lengthy period of time.
  • Pictures taken after a mediation or settlement meeting to show the maximum improvement of the injury.

Even if you are contemplating if you want to file a lawsuit against the Michigan nursing home, our award winning law firm still recommend that you take pictures.  This is because if you decide to file a claim, you will have the pictures at hand.  Do not have a good camera to take images?  Nowadays smart-phones with cameras are just as quality images as a digital camera, so there should be an avenue in which you can use to photograph the bed sore.

When a patient suffers from a bed sore or pressure sore, it should not be taken lightly.  Bed sores are very serious injuries and can cause great harm to a patients health.  If you or your loved one suffers from an ulcer at a Michigan nursing home facility or hospital, call our top rated nursing home attorneys now at (800) 606-1717.  Our Michigan law firm specializes in these types of cases and have a track record of obtaining sizeable settlements for our injured client.  We will represent you under our No Fee Promise, which means no legal fees or costs until we win or settle your case, and we offer a free no obligation consultation.  Call today to discuss your case and learn what legal rights are available to you.  Take a stand and get justice for you or your loved one.  Often times people are not comfortable with filing a lawsuit, but the reality is your case will serve as a warning sign and help protect all other residents at that nursing home possibly preventing such injury to happen to them as well.

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